Sister Janet Mead – A Rock Mass

Sister Janet Mead – A Rock Mass


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Sister Janet Mead ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ the first Australian recording to ‘go gold’ in the US.

Sister Janet Mead’s first two albums “With You I Am” plus “But I Am Smaller Than My Song” packaged together as a double set featuring her 1973 hit The Lord’s Prayer. Sound restored from the original master tapes by the producer Martin Erdman, these two albums recorded in 1974/75 are now released on CD.

Sister Janet Mead - "With You I Am"

Sister Janet Mead – “With You I Am”

“With You I Am” (Recorded 1974) – Sister Janet’s first album

Track Listing:

  1. Hold On
  2. The Earth Is Filled
  3. Gloria
  4. Father I Put My Life In Your Hands
  5. Take My Hand
  6. The Ten Commandments
  7. With You I Am
  8. Keep Me Safe
  9. Lamb Of God
  10. God My God
  11. He Is King
  12. The Lord’s Prayer (original 1973 version)
Sister Janet Mead - "A Rock Mass"

Sister Janet Mead – “But I Am Smaller Than My Song”

“But I Am Smaller Than My Song” (Recorded 1975)

Track Listing:

  1. Happy The Man
  2. Lord Have Mercy
  3. Waterfall Song
  4. Glory To The Word Of God
  5. Wailing Song
  6. Holy, Holy Lord
  7. Dying You Destroyed Our Death
  8. The Lord’s Prayer (same words – different tune)
  9. Lamb of God
  10. Communion Song
  11. The Heavens Unfold
  12. Thank You Lord
  13. Sermon on the Mount
  14. I Will Raise Him Up

Album produced by Martin Erdman for Festival Records – used under licence from Warner Music.

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