King Fox – 70207 – The (Un)Forgotten Album

King Fox – 70207 – The (Un)Forgotten Album


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Ozzie band King Fox release ‘new’ psychedelic album recorded in 1970.

You have waited a l-o-n-g 38 years for this album. Recorded in 1970 by a schoolboy band with a top five hit single ‘Unforgotten Dreams’ this psychedelic recording features over one hour of original songs never before released. Listen and be amazed.

Glenn A Baker wrote:
“It has been delivered to our still eager ears. The challenge now is to hear it as we would have heard it in 1970. with the same sense of expectation and open ended possibility… if you’re reading this, then your dreams really have been (UN) forgotten.”

Ian McFarlane wrote:
“If the album had been released in 1970, my guess it would have sold a modest five hundred copies, been duly forgotten about until rediscovered by pop-psych aficionados and collectors in the 1980s and now been changing hands for three-to four figure sums on eBay, so either way it truly is The (un) forgotten album and well worth the wait!”

Track Listing Part A – ‘A Psychedelic Rock Symphony’ in six parts

  1. Timepiece (Long Version) 7:34
  2. Listen Girl (9:14)
  3. Copernicus (4:52)
  4. All Is Gone (4:25)
  5. You Gave Her Everything (3:12)
  6. Reflections of Love (2:48)
  7. Interlude

Track Listing Part B – The Singles and Bonus Tracks

  1. Unforgotten Dreams (4:58)
  2. I Think You’re Fine (4:45)
  3. Hourglass (3:38)
  4. Never Felt Like This Before (3:11)
  5. Alone So Alone (3:56)
  6. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (2:22)
  7. The Spell + Timepiece (reprise)

The (un)Forgotten Album includes a 24 page booklet with photos and lyrics.

King Fox

King Fox are:
Paul Radcliffe – Vocals/Guitar/Flute
David King – Vocals Guitar
Peter Muller – Vocals/Organ
Billy Field – Vocals/Bass
Andy Evans – Drums

Andy/Peter/Paul/Billy/David in 1970

Andy/Peter/Paul/Billy/David in 1970

Paul/Billy/David/Andy/Peter in 2007

Paul/Billy/David/Andy/Peter in 2007

ABC TV 2008. CD launch party.

Album produced by Martin Erdman for Du Monde Records Australia.

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